East Perth

Power Station

Powering Perth – A History of the East Perth Power Station

Powering Perth – A History of the East Perth Power Station
Edited by Lenore Layman

Published by Black Swan Press, 2011   RRP: $35 inc GST (plus p&p)

ISBN: 9780980631388 (pbk.)    Dimensions 175 x 250 x 19mm. 302 pages + cover

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This book tells the story of one of Perth’s most significant places, drawing particularly on the memories of those who depended upon it for work and power. The East Perth Power Station lies at the heart of the electrification of Perth and deserves to be recognised and remembered as central to the fabric of life in Perth. In turn, in highlighting our ever-expanding consumption of electricity, the story reminds us of the environmental limits to that consumption and the questions of sustainability which confront us in the new century.


  1. Between the Brooks: Swan River Foreshore from Claisebrook to Walters Brook, Leonie Stella
  2. ‘It was just like a reserve in the city’: Aboriginal Oral Histories of East Perth around the
    Power Station, Mary Anne Jebb
  3. Industrial East Perth in Growth and Decline: The Power Station in its Suburb, Joseph Christensen
  4. Technologies of Power, Richard G. Hartley
  5. Work, Charlie Fox
  6. ‘The best years of their lives’: Apprentices and their Training, Bobbie Oliver
  7. Health, Safety and Welfare: remembering ‘the way it was’, Lenore Layman
  8. Electrifying the City, Jenny Gregory and Lisa MacKinney
  9. Electrifying the Home, Chilla Bulbeck
  10. Supplying Power to an Expanding Network, Frank Harman
  11. Environmental Impacts, Joseph Christensen and Richard G. Hartley
  12. A new Life for the Power Station? David Dolan and Tory Woodhouse
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