East Perth

Power Station

The East Perth Power Station History Project

Experience the photographic and aural history of the East Perth Power Power Station, from its beginning in 1916, through to its decommission in 1980.

This website takes you to East Perth in the 20th century to visit East Perth Power Station, the people who worked there, the children who grew up in its shadow, the local residents who lived close by and the consumers who used the electricity which the station generated. It tells of Aboriginal families who lived in East Perth and of the changing riverfront as industries grew and then moved out to newer suburbs. The power station together with other local industries had significant environmental impacts on the locality.

For much of the 20th century East Perth was the city’s major industrial area and, from 1916 to 1980, the power station was one of the suburb’s major workplaces. The workers who kept the station generating tell their work stories of power shortages and of the skilled efforts of everyone to keep the lights on and the city’s industries, businesses and transport functioning. They tell of what work was like in a major heavy industrial workplace.
The station remains a heritage landmark, a site with engineering plant of world heritage significance.

East Perth Power Station lies at the heart of the electrification of Perth and at the beginnings of the southwest power grid. It deserves to be recognised and remembered as central to the fabric of life in 20th century Perth.
In turn, in highlighting our ever-expanding consumption of electricity, the station reminds us of the environmental limits to that consumption and the questions of sustainability which confront us in the 21st century.

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